Okay, so Raw Nerve isn’t set in Wales, but considering we’ve published Tim’s other novels, we wanted to include this one.

Strictly speaking we haven’t published Raw Nerve, simply given it a window on our website.

The first reason we embraced the opportunity to shine a light on this novel is it it a great story. It is a one hundred percent commercial action thriller that has a big heart.

The second reason is focused on why this thriller has a big heart. The main theme deals with racism. Specifically racism in the United States of America.

Tim told me that shortly after finishing the novel in 1997, he sent it an agent in New York who immediately signed him. The agent happened to be black and she saw it as the next big black novel. She almost secured a publishing deal with HarperCollins, but they pulled out on the day Tim was supposed to sign. The reason stated was they were concerned the book would cause riots on the streets.

Yes, it was considered too controversial. Years have passed now and it is time the world read Raw Nerve because Black Lives DO Matter.