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Raw Nerve

Okay, so Raw Nerve isn’t set in Wales, but considering we’ve published Tim’s other novels, we wanted to include this one. Strictly speaking we haven’t published Raw Nerve, simply given it a window on our website. The first reason we embraced the opportunity […]


Delphian is the first Tim Rees novel I read. It is the reason we met. I love the moral of the story and I am so thankful Tim told it in his own inimitable way. Be in no doubt, this […]

A Seed Once Sown

So we have now published our second novel by Tim Rees. It is no secret that at the heart of this story is a very strong argument for animal rights. One lady in our readers group wrote such a powerful […]

The Magic That Is Fiction

A good novel will transport the reader to a world where they live, breathe and experience outside of reality. A good novel is the opportunity to escape through the window of the page. A good novel offers new emotions and […]

The Drama Merchant

We have recently published The Drama Merchant, a wonderfully provocative novel set mainly in Cardiff and Tenby. Tim Rees is the author and we will shortly be publishing another novel by Tim. But firstly, please read the back cover blurb for The […]

Interview with Tim Rees

Before publishing the novel The Drama Merchant, we sat down with the author and asked him where did this strange and intriguing drama come from? “The story began life as a film script,” Tim told us with a wry smile. […]