Delphian is the first Tim Rees novel I read. It is the reason we met. I love the moral of the story and I am so thankful Tim told it in his own inimitable way. Be in no doubt, this is a big juicy thriller that intrigued me from the very first page.

It is now five years since we first discussed the book and Tim explained how he had set out to create a character that was a cross between Ludlum’s Jason Bourne and Fredrick Forsyth’s The Jackle and in my opinion he has successfully achieved that.

Yet Vincent is very different.

One of the reasons we have taken so long to publish this novel is it is 170,000 words long, so without doing a big print run, the novel was never going to hit the targeted price point for a paperback. Tim refused to cut any scenes out to get the word count down, so what the reader gets here is effectively, to use a film metaphor, the director’s cut. We had discussed splitting the novel into two parts, but in the end we both agreed it needed to remain one book so the reader didn’t have to stop after reading part one before purchasing part two.